Friday, August 15, 2008

Gosh! what they did?

At the end, i tried one, as they did.
How do i express out my feeling?
When the teeth cut through their body
stop it La
shit u

Saturday, August 09, 2008

i never have been to Langkawi Island, so they took me there

Heheee.. Even though ahhloong had been stay in northern area for 2 years ++, i have been given no chance to Langkawi Island. What a shame!
Therefore, they planned a trip and took me there. LOL LOL
Frankly speaking, i (i think all of us) had a wonderful time there.
It was such an awesome trip.Thanks...all of you for the trip! U guys rocks!!! ;p
We did took nice pictures. So, let the pictures do the speaking.

Caution: DUN ever try to find leng zai + leng lui self-portrait with "V" hand sign or act cute faces here.. Gonna disappoint you :)
Thanks for ur corporation

Blur blur face + sleepy eyes
Jz get down from the ferry... recovering from mabuk laut (wave very strong meh??)

Our Mr. Treasurer, C J
he did his job well

CJ is counting the money.
At first, we contribute rm200 each into a-gong fund
At last, it is proven that the rm200 is totally not enough for 3D2N
=.=" =.="

[9 of us]
the standing (from left): Hoe Peng + ahhloong + CJ + Desmond + Ah Fei
the sitting (from left): Hui Yee + JIng Jing + Vivian + Ah Yeng
stay tuned.. scroll down
:0 )

And is this what you think about Langkawi?
Breezy + sandy beach??

Or this?
you're right, you can find this everywhere here
and... it's C-H-E-A-P~~ jz drink until you drop

Deer feeding..

OMG! it would attack you if you dun give them eat
and that's why our Vivian threw away her ice-cream to them lol lol

Tame and lovely rabbits.. Girls like them very much

Swim in the lake (i cant remember the lake name)
it is about 10m deep, scary..

Fish catching at the waterfall, with hands
they see it as a stupid action :(

Back to the childhood time..

Here the rewards!!

Random shots
Good luck to them in "I wan to be a model" Season 3

And, you think you come to the end??
A tip while you are in Langkawi

Do not simply take shots

It is no free lunch in the world :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

recent days

Being one month ++ here, a lot of things happen around. i wish to note down everything but i just could not make it. lol So, i think its time to post a new entry so that u guys know my recent life. Dun worry about me. Everything's fine with me :)

Chapter 1
Start from last semester, i learn how to swim (before that i swim also, but dun learning very seriously lo).
After days and days, hehehe...i become a SWIMMER(bullshit!! sure la, a bu then?).
Eventhough i am not kind of advanced, yet life saver is not a must for me now, hahaha ... Big Thums Up for myself ;p ;p
I can swim in breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle now lol lol
Since i am a SWIMMER (haha, keep mentioned that), i go to swimming pool very oftenly, at least 2 times in a week ba i think. i enjoy the feeling in the water very much!

blue blue sky + white white clound
all the bad emotions gone

here's the swimming pool
olympic stardard, big, clean, lovely ;)

Chapter 2
Back to few weeks ago, they had an orientation day exclusively for chinese students only, which aimed to help them more adapted to uni life (i guess?)
一片瓦 set up a small stall at there also, looking for them who interested to join the big family.
We do have a lot of fun there. i like the feeling we doing something together, which Beijing Olympic 2008 had copied our idea "One World, One Dream" xD xD

瓦 = wa = roof = us = i + you

naughty wei xiang take shot with his awesome "camera"

Chapter 3

"i will follow u.."

Here the Digi offer me the great deal called "D Campus"
Wihout much consideration, i subscribe the plan
Hahahaa... i am gonna to talk for free soon, which means that i can call back my home without have to worry about the credit, Yea-ha!!
The plan offer the subscribers with free call on 016 to 016 after accumulated rm1 calls (to any network) within 24hours. How great offer is it!
And it's work, more and more students are using Digi 016 after they lauched this plan. And that time, my 016 will become my primer phone number, haha!
GOGOGO Digi, kick off the ugly red Maxis Hotlink!!

Attention to all of you, it launched in your campus also. Have it today! lol

Friday, July 25, 2008



穿得美美的 整整齐齐的逛

凉凉的冷气 明亮的灯光 人们就不会流汗 在光明中舒舒服服的逛

货品整整齐齐 很华丽的摆放在架子上

每包 每块 每瓶 每罐 虎视人们的眼光

一样的东西 不同牌子 不同包装 不同分量


巡视而过 从头到尾 没有任何一样东西落入手中


或者这样说 想买的东西不见得超市有卖

选择多又如何 反而让人下不了决定 伤神又浪费时间

让它回到最初的本质 简简单单

你会发现 我们真正需要的不多 在过滤掉多余的花俏后

而超市 不过是用光明来包装的黑暗

Thursday, July 24, 2008

lost and found

Back to two weeks ago, people could not get me around the campus. They thought i had been caught by someone and they were kinda worried bout me (konon la..i get this from their mouth after the incident) Hooho... where got so easily being caught wooo....Then on a night, i was back. Onzai showed me his shocked face (i would never forget that face lol lol) I was being asked questions n questions.... Then only i realized that nobody know where was my location those days. Celaka.. Ah Fei dun tell them (actually he was not believing what i told him in the call lol) OK OK, i noe that is my bad for not leaving even a message to you guys where i had been. Paise lo... HAAH... I was in Cameron Highlands when you guys are seeking for me. Anyway, it was a great experience and it is a highland place which quite different from uncle Lim's city ;p

Famous "BOH" tea farm. A must-visit for everyone to CH ba i think...
Sorry for lame camera that i used, 2.0 megapixels nia...
i capture high quality one with my own eyes already xD

"BOH cafe" for visitors
The most enjoyable experience in my entire life for a cup of tea
i am wondering if i could build my house on the hill
must try it your own ooo..

it was raining a bit when we get up the hill
people took umbrella, just like colorful mushrooms over the hill
sorry again for the camera, ahhah...

靓女 + 靓景
am i right? i do love it a lot

Take this..
i saw this on hotel's corridor... hmmm...nice

Sorry arr.. i have no much photo to share wif u guys since i dun get the whole set of pictures from the others. ;p

Saturday, May 03, 2008

it's time to eat

Since this semester is running end, i had a farewell dinner with my exroomates previous days. I do keep a good relationship with them even though we are no longer living in the same space. We had steambot that day, as each person can pick up their preference and it is the easiest to prepare.

Well, we had it in our room. As your acknowledgment, our rooms here have no much space after they putting us four in a room. There are not much space left after two double-deckers. But dun worry, my dorm's man already used to having such meals in such situation. Indeed, i bet them enjoyed it very much. So did us that night. We were like old buddy, sitting around and having a reunion meal. LOL We can perli-perli, having "yellow" jokes together while waiting the foods to be cooked. Haahaha.. the feeling was really great, typically in this stressful exams season.

Here the story begins

Here the all ingredients... Still, no pork!!! But this time we got improvement already leh, we bought some prawns, sotong and chicken, hahahaaa... no more all "frozen meat balls"... pa pa >.<"

HOT ITEMS.. but, its not easy to peer off the shell, leaving smooth surface. Honestly, i can't do it LOL

Wow... Hot pott... Be careful your hands, gentlemen!

Looking for what o? i said no porks already ma... ;p

Erm.., look nice! i want the ham also LA..

Suddenly the light off..

Yeaaaah... we celebrated Desmond 23rd birthday also. Sorry ar Desmond, over budget adi... can only buy you one piece nia...
Desmond:" Yea, i got my cake! But... OH mama, i'm naked!"

We are soldiers! "Half-naked soldiers"! Can u see Ketchup over our our face anot?